Our Hybrid Medication Aide course offers training to an provide medications in nursing homes, assisted living centers, intermediate care facilities for the mentally handicapped, schools, child care settings or patient homes. Medication Aides provide routine medication by the oral, inhalation, topical and instillation routes when appropriate direction and monitoring are provided. This is a rigorous, and challenging short-term course. It will provide online and classroom instruction, and practice of clinical skills in the classroom lab setting. Students will learn about being a contributing member of the health care team, communication and interpersonal skills, infection control techniques, and medication administration.

 Administration of medication is a regulated activity. Medication aides may only provide medications under circumstances when a competent individual, a caretaker, or licensed health care professional provides direction and monitoring. The medication aide is responsible to get the right drug to the right recipient in the right dosage by the right route at the right time (five rights). The individual providing direction and monitoring is responsible to observe and take appropriate action regarding the desired effects, side effects, interactions and contraindications associated with the medication. The Midwestern College Medication Aide Course is approved by the Kansas Department of Aging (Health Occupations credentialing) and meets all requirements set forth by the State of Kansas for Medication Aide 75 hour training.

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