About Us

Our College upholds a clear vision to train future nursing care professionals and equip auxiliary nursing care providers with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills for the noble responsibility of giving hope, compassion, help and love within the wide framework of care provision.

Our Aide programs are deeply rooted in the ethical principles of dignity for humanity without undue regard to age, gender, race, language and/or orientation.

The College seeks to provide an environment rich in cultural diversity; bringing together students and faculty from different cultural orientations. This confers upon individual students the benefits of learning from each other within an environment of unity in diversity. Programs offered at the college are specially tailored to support and reflect these diversities while remaining focused on the core values of care provision.

Student Responsibilities

  • Complete assignments, testing, and skills demonstrations in a timely manner as directed by instructor.
  • Involvement in class exercises and participation in class discussions as well as skill practice is expected.
  • All cell phones, beepers and other electronic equipment must be turned off during class and lab sessions.
  • Students are to maintain academic integrity as specified in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Students may be required, with or without notice, to submit to drug testing.
  • Students may be asked at any time to leave the classroom or clinical area at the discretion of the instructor, or upon the request of the clinical facility.

Aide Attendance Policies

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment requires that an individual attend a specific number of class and clinical hours to pass and complete the Nurse Aide Course and receive a certificate of completion.

In order to complete this course within the regulation, attendance at all scheduled class and clinical sessions are required. You must also be on time for all class and clinical sessions.

Students are responsible for contacting the course instructor if there is any difficulty in understanding the course materials or completing the course assignments. The Instructor must be notified of the desire to withdraw from the course prior to completion. If a student does not notify the instructor regarding an absence, they may be administratively withdrawn from the course.

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