Computer Requirements

Participants are expected to have at least:

  • Basic keyboarding competence
  • An elementary knowledge of their computer operating system
  • Basic knowledge of software and tools such as a
  • Word Processor such as Microsoft Word
  • Access to e-mail – browsing for and adding attachments to messages
  • Internet Browser
  • Search Engine

Software Requirements (minimum):

  • Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Write (OpenOffice) or another word processing program capable of saving files in RTF (Rich Text Format).
  • Web Browser — Firefox 3.0 is will be recommended and preferred for all Online class (to download and install click link below), however, Opera 9.0, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher versions (these are free downloadable programs) are some other alternatives that learners will be able to use
  • E-mail software or a Web browser capable of supporting e-mail activity, including sending/receiving attached files. learners can obtain a free Gmail account at or a yahoo email at
  • The course will require special (free) plug-ins to access streaming media, PDF files, or other web components
  • All these components are free to download and the students will be advised during the enrollment process
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