Course Information

This State of Kansas approved aide program provides online and supervised clinical training in the fundamentals of safe and knowledgeable care giving and or Medication administration. Nursing procedures such as taking vital signs; positioning; bathing; dressing and other personal care; and when/what to report to the nurse will be covered in the classroom. Application of these procedures and skills will be practiced in the clinical setting.

Clinical sessions are an integral part of the training, incorporating basic skills in medical vocabulary and math relevant to the nurse field. Attendance is a vital part of the program. Excessive absences clinical will be cause for termination from the program. Notification to the instructor of any absences for any reason is mandatory.

Dress Code

  • For all sessions, you should wear Official school scrubs:
  • Shoes must be closed toe, non-skid, good support tennis shoes or nursing shoes.
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Small note book and black ink pen
  • Hair should be off the shoulders
  • Nails need to be short; color must be neutral or no color at all
  • Refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or colognes

Please be prepared for discussions and demonstrations, your success depends on your desire to learn, it is up to you to succeed.

It is important for you to know the following information:

  • There will be an assignment every week to complete the assigned study guides. This should be done by reviewing the reading materials that is provided each week.
  • You will also be expected to participate in online discussions. You should have a minimum of three posts. The initial post is due on Wednesday. You should respond and comment to at least two post from your classmate by Sunday.
  • There will be tests, presentation and other assignments as per the guidelines posted. The instructor will provide a sample if you need one.
  • There will be a course Final Test at the end of the course.
  • You must attend all labs and clinicals every Friday.
  • You must have an average of 75% to pass the course.
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