General Requirements

Advantages of Online and Hybrid Classes

As a distance student, you will have many advantages in that you will be able to take courses at a place and time convenient for you. You will also have the opportunity to interact with a variety of students from a dispersed geographical area, and will have access to a greater number of resources and experts than you might in a traditional classroom setting. Finally, you may find that you are able to have greater control over the learning process, and may be able to customize the course in a way that best suits your specific learning needs.

However, you must be prepared to take on greater responsibility than those engaged in traditional learning. You will need to discipline yourself to stay actively involved with the course, and may find that you spend an even greater amount of time reading and preparing for this course than you do a traditional course.

Also, since you may not see the instructor face-to-face, you will need to communicate with him or her regularly through your distance medium, be it videoconferencing, telephone, or e-mail. Studies show that successful distance learning students are independent, self-motivated, and disciplined.

You must also have the ability to use computer and basic software and computer access, with an Internet service provider, and Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox.

Procrastination Won’t Work Here

If you are the kind of person who tends to put off doing things until the very last minute, Online probably is not for you. Most Online procrastinators find that waiting to complete assignments leads to sometimes forgetting about them or having last-minute technical problems and ending up with a zero. In fact, you should plan to logon to your Online class the very first day.

Also, try to be among the very first people to post a discussion response rather than the last. You will find that staying ahead of your assignments will impress your instructor, make you feel confident, and dramatically increase your chances of success in this type of learning environment.

Have you submitted to Midwestern College the following documents?

  • Government Issued ID
  • Social Security Card
  • GED, High School Diploma, College Transcripts
  • Negative TB skin test within 6 months or chest x-ray within 5 years
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