Online Courses

What is Online and Hybrid Education?

Midwestern College offers online courses equivalent to a classroom-based course. Courses are taught by the same qualified instructors and follow the same curriculum and standards as the classroom-based course.  Online Education courses provide flexibility in scheduling and are especially helpful to self-directed learners. It is recommended that students be comfortable with computers, particularly the internet, before taking an online or hybrid course.

Midwestern College offers online classes in three formats:

  • Online classes in which students complete their coursework via the internet (though some online classes require that students travel to campus for a class orientation and/or exams).
  • Hybrid classes in which some class hours each week are completed by students via the internet while others take place in a classroom setting.
  • Web-enhanced classes are traditional courses but use of internet to enhance communication, out-of-class assignments, and learning resources.

 What technology is used at Midwestern College?

Online Education uses Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS).  Moodle and other technologies are used in learning exercises every week to ensure effective and regular authentic contact between instructor and student.

e-Counseling services available to all Online Education Students!

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