CMA Update

This course is designed to provide the continuing education required for the Certified Medication Aide (CMA) to maintain certification.

  • Describe any changes that occur in the role and responsibilities of a Certified Medication Aide.
  • Determine appropriate techniques in caring for supplies and medications.
  • Describe the proper administration of all types of medications.
  • Identify new medications and effects of these medications on body systems.

**Please Note**.

The following is a Notice from the Health Occupations Credentialing Office:

1. Medication aides will have one year from the date of their medication aide certification expires to take the update course. If the course is not taken within one year of the certification expiration date, the entire medication aide course must be retaken.

2. An individual must be 18 years of age to be certified as a medication aide. This requirement does not restrict individuals’ ability to enroll in a medication aide course.

3. Health Occupations Credentialing will no longer issue certification cards for nurse aides, home health aides or medication aides. Any required certification information is available on the Kansas Nurse Aide Registry at  . There is no federal or state requirement that an individual possess a physical certification card only that they are listed on the state nurse aide registry with a certification which is active and with no prohibitions.

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