Support Services

Event of an Equipment Failure

The Moodle learning management system will be cloud based with a second tier backup conducted daily in a secondary server. Failure of one server will prompt the technical team to activate the backup system to ensure seamless continuation of the course.

Students will responsible for insuring the reliability of their computer equipment. The instructor and technical team cannot provide technical support for each individual’s equipment. Equipment failure will not be a valid excuse for not submitting an assignment or quiz. The course is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet (24 x 7).

If their computer or Internet connection fails, it is the responsibility of the learners to find access to alternative equipment (e.g., at our campus, public library, Internet café, or friend). We will strongly urge learners not to procrastinate in this class and leave an appropriate “head room” in case of equipment failure.

Student-to-Instructor and Student-to-Student Communication

The students will be able to communicate with the instructor via email, chat, discussion boards, and telephone and face to face during the clinical portion of the program. The student lounge will be the informal online conversational space using the Threaded Discussion tool.

This “Cybercafé” or “Discussion Board,” will allow students to connect with each other on a social level. The lounge will also provide an alternative to emailing the instructor on general issues, and it enables all class members to see important issues raised and resolved. The guided discussion assignment will be graded to ensure student participates and makes useful contribution.

Student Progress

Throughout the course, student progress will be monitored and assistance will be planned if the participants fail the tests or do not progress adequately.

The course will have an in-built assessment and evaluation activities to monitor satisfactory academic progress. The instructor will provide additional assistance to learners experiencing difficult with the class. Students who are unable to complete their program will be advised pursuant to the course withdrawal or failure policies. Students with questions about their performance will be requested to meet with their instructor and Director of Education for counseling and guidance.

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